Leaders in Asset Management.

Involved in over $3 billion in real estate transactions.

Asset Management Services

Since 1995, U.S. Restaurant Properties and its Affilates have participated in over $3 Billion in real estate transactions. Our primary focus is existing Restaurant properties but we actively invest and develop curbside real estate properties.

U. S. Restaurant Properties provides investors and clients an array of Acquisition and Asset Management advisory services. Whether you are looking to invest, acquire, divest, lease, or mitigate we leverage our industry knowledge to help you make the best decision.

Investment Underwriting

Comprehensive due diligence process developed over almost 20 years of purchasing restaurant assets.

Portfolio Valuation

Provide an independent, 3rd party valuation of your restaurant real estate assets.

Store Level Financial Analysis

Review and benchmarking of store level P&Ls to help clients understand store profitability and investment risk.

Site Visits

Prepare a report on an asset by asset basis of a restaurant site and how it compares to industry standards.

Lease Renewal / Negotiation

Leverage our current relationships with teanants and our industry knowledge to advise clients on lease renwal negotiations.

Periodic Reporting

Monthly and quarterly reporting on assets performace and risk metrics.

Our Tenants Incude: